CCSC - A Home for Commons

 I was a researcher (gleaner) in Feminist tools for commoning on the forthcoming report and platform 'A Home for Commons' which will be the culmination of the 3 year long, cross European project Cultural Creative Spaces and Cities  spearheaded by the cultural centre network Trans Europa Halles.

The resulting report and online toolkit can be found here

In June 2020 I participated in the policy co-creating experiment  Co-Creation Lab Commons Sense: Let’s Create a Bottom-Up European Democracy

And in October 2020 I participated in the follow up experiment Common Ground: Building a Foundation for Homes of Commons, contributing further to discussing and developing the methods for applying some of the ideas from June's project. 



International Creative Producers

In conjunction with Fanny Martin ; Bridget Mackintosh; Chloë Richardson; and Daniela Gerstman and I'm part of a newly formed Learning Collective


With funding from the Canadian Arts Council the collective experimented with new technology, tools, and associated behaviours in developing best practice for collaborating and co-creating. We invited guests to guide and evaluate our process.
-As a collective we  support each other in learning new skills while drawing on each others experience and differing professional networks.

Our work will was first aimed at  learning together and  sharing our learning in bigger circle beyond ourselves.

The initial first phase concluded 6 themes dispatches and a community talk for independent creative producers.

Details on the website in the heading.


Arroz Estudios - Lisbon

I'm a resident and active party in the venue development group at Arroz Studios in Lisbon.

Arroz is an Art Association and which houses a DIY venue, artist studios and works co-working spaces. The space is run collectively and is on the forefront of grass roots arts in Lisbon while also involved the burgeoning crypto art scene in the city.


The space is currently on the east side of the city.